Force S Weapon 

Chakra S Weapon 

AGI S Weapon 

Power S Weapon


4 grade: blue, purple, gold and red.

Enhance S Weapon

S Weapon 1.jpg

Enhancing S Weapons can boost S Weapons’ attribute. 

Enhancing S Weapons consumes S Weapons that have not been enhanced before. The higher the S weapon level, the more S Weapons required. 

One S Weapon Enhance Talisman can replace one S Weapon of the same type. 

Players can spend Gold to enhance S Weapons.

Convert S Weapon

S Weapon 2.jpg

Players can convert one S Weapon into another S Weapon of the same level. But, it costs S Weapon Convert Talismans.

Upgrade S Weapon

S Weapon 3.jpg

Upgrading S Weapons costs Gold. Only Lv.3 and above S Weapons can be upgraded.

After upgrading a 3-Rank S Weapon, it will become a Rank-4 S Weapon.


Equip S Weapon


There is no level limit, but the higher ranking S Weapon cannot be equipped on a lower rank ninja. 

Only when the ninja’s quality is higher or equal to the S Weapon’s quality can the ninja equip it.