Unlock Condition

Unlocks according to the main character’s level. 

Pass the previous stage to unlock the next stage.

Stage System 1.jpg

Stronghold: A stronghold has about 15 stages. Strongholds will be unlocked when the main character levels up by 10 levels each time. 

Stage System 2.png

Stage Setting

In each stage, there will be 1-3 waves of monsters and you may encounter bosses as well. 

Reward Setting


After defeating each wave of monsters, players will receive EXP, Silver, S Ability and Material (chance to receive) rewards.

Stage System 4.png

After passing a stage, players will receive Chest, EXP, Silver, Activity and Coupon rewards.

Stage System 5.png

Upon completing a stage, players will be able to choose and receive one of three chests.

Auto Battle

Stage System 6.jpg

The completed stage can be challenged automatically.