According to the top 20 players’ average level at 0:00 daily, the daily world level will be calculated.


If your current level is lower than the world level, then you can receive an EXP reward. If your level is higher than the world level, you will be able to claim a Silver reward.


Each gift pack can be claimed only once daily. Players can either choose to claim it for free or spend a small amount of Gold for better rewards.


Players can claim at least 2 benefit packs daily. VIP3+ players can claim 3 benefit packs daily.

Daily Benefit 1.png

Retrieve Resources

Players can retrieve the EXP and Silver that they have missed yesterday via the resource retrieve function.

Free retrieve only helps you find 50% of the current resources while Gold Retrieve can help you find 100% of the current resources (Each reward can be retrieved only once).

Daily Benefit 2.png