Equipment Type

Weapon (Kunai, Shuriken, Scroll): Boosts Physical & Strategy Attack

Headband: Boosts Physical Defense

Armor: Boosts Physical Defense

Coat: Boosts Strategy Defense

Boots: Boosts Speed

Belt: Boosts HP


Equipment Quality


7 qualities in total: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Golden, Red and Dark Golden.

Different quality equipment has different additional lines of attributes. Up to 3 lines of attributes can be added.


Equipment Level


1-3 new equipment set(s) will be available every 10 levels.


Equipment Sockets


Sockets of different level and quality equipment vary from 2 to 6.

Equipment Set


Collect 2/4/6 pieces of specific equipment to have different set attribute bonus.

equipment 1.jpg



Each piece of equipment can be fortified. The fortification level cannot be higher than the character level. Silver is required.

Double Fortify, fortifies 2 levels at a time.

Fortification Discount: 20% off to fortify a piece of equipment.

equipemnt 2.jpg



Spend Silver to reset the additional equipment attributes. 

Advanced Refine only generates new attribute points without changing the attributes type.

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Inheritance enables the fortification level of an old piece of equipment to be transferred to another piece. Meanwhile, the jade inlaid will also be transferred.

equipment 4.jpg



Starting from Lv.30, a batch of forgeable equipment will be available every 10 levels.


Forging a piece of equipment requires common and special materials. For example, to forge a Lv.80 Weapon, you must use a special Lv.80 Equipment material and a Lv.80 Weapon material.


When you have insufficient equipment materials, use Gold to resupply materials and forge equipment.

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S Forging


Lv.50-150 Purple and Golden equipment can be S forged.


S forging a piece of equipment requires common and special materials. For example, to forge a piece of Lv.70 Armor, you must use a special Lv.70 Equipment material and Lv.70 armor material.




Red Equipment, Lv.50 above S Forgeable Equipment and S Forged Equipment can be socketed. Each socket requires Socket Stones and Silver. The socket number of socketed equipment will be kept in S forging.

equipment 6.jpg



Enchantment unlocks after Lv.75. Enchanting a piece of equipment with enchanting items can significantly boost fortification attributes of equipment.


Guarding Stones can guarantee 100% success for enchantment.

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