Unlocks: After reaching Lv.26.

Join a clan to create or join a guild.


Guild members can donate Silver or Gold every day. The daily silver donation quota raises with the guild member level.


Donation can upgrade guilds. Once the guild has upgraded, the guild’s skill level can increase as well. Guild members can spend Feats to raise their own skill levels. Guild Skills become ineffective when a guild member exits the guild and is effective again after joining the next guild.


The guild leader can transfer authorization or appoint a vice guild leader. If the guild leader fails to login for 3 days, the guild leader’s authorization will be transferred to the guild member with the highest Feats.


Guild Donation can also be used to upgrade events and boost guild members' statuses.


Guilds can obtain Guild Chests that will be stored in the guild warehouse based on the war result when attending daily events. The Guild Chests will be assigned to guild members by guild leader.


The guild will be dismissed automatically, if all guild members have not logged into the game for 3 days.


Treasure Tree


The higher the level of the tree, fruit and character, the better the fruit reward.


All guild members can collect mystic fruits. The same fruit can be collected only once a day per player. After collecting a fruit many times, it will disappear and a new fruit will appear.


Guild members can collect fruit when it is ripe. If no one collects it before the evolution countdown, then the fruit will evolve by itself.


After evolving a fruit, the fruit level will grow by one level and will change into a random type of fruit. The highest fruit evolution level is 5.


Each mystic fruit can be watered 10 times.

New guild members cannot use this function on the day they joined the guild.