Unlocks at Lv.72


Register from 5:30AM-12:00AM to attend the Elite Match from 12:00PM-10:00PM the following day.


VIP8 or above players will automatically register at 12:00AM. If no challenge is initiated for 3 consecutive days, the registration will be canceled.


Challenge foes to win credit points. A small number of points will be given even if you lose.


Players are given 18 free challenges daily and they can challenge it up to 30 times every day.


Defeat all opponents in a group to obtain Challenge Orders and unlock the next group.


Players can try the Super Challenge to fight more powerful opponents to earn a large number of points.


Participants will be divided into 7 groups according to their points, which from high to low are: Top, Kage, ANBU, Jonin, Chunin, Genin, Student.


Players will be ranked according to their Elite Match points. If a player has not registered a day before the match, then their initial point will be 0.


The higher the group level is, the more the challenge orders can be received. Jonin and above groups can receive a cross-server title.


Each season will last for a month. According to the players’ stage, players will receive a corresponding amount of Colored Kage Souls every day.


After each season, players will receive Colored Kage Souls and Challenge Order rewards based on their stage and ranking.


Players can redeem Top Stones with Challenge orders. Top Stones can be used to redeem SSS-Rank ninjas.

Challenge Orders and Top Stones can still be redeemed and be stacked for the next season.

Elite Match.jpg