Unlocks at Lv.80

There are seven statues for players to challenge, with each statue having three guarding stages.

After one stage is cleared, the next stage will be unlocked.

Each stage can be cleared only once. A certain amount of Fairy Items will be received after one stage is cleared. After all the statues are cleared, clearance rewards will be received.

Fairy Items can be used for Senjutsu Training to boost battling ninjas’ attributes.

Mount Myoboku 1.jpg



Practicing can level up the Senjutsu by receiving EXP. Different training ways earn different EXP. The initial Senjutsu level is o.


Practice: Silver Practice, Gold Practice, Hermit Practice and Advanced Practice.


The Senjutsu System includes 3 kinds of Senjutsu. Different kinds of Senjutsu net attribute bonuses for different battling heroes. Heroes outside the battle are unable to activate Senjutsu attributes.

Added attributes are valid for all systems and relevant bonuses are affected by Jade Effects. 

Different Senjutsu levels have different attributes. The higher the level, the better the attributes.

The max Senjutsu Practice level is related to the progress of Mount Myoboku. Clearing more stages adds Senjutsu Practice limit.

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