Unlocks at Lv.40.

You are given 10 daily attempts that recover at 0:00 AM the next day. One attempt will be deducted after you clear one stage.

Normal crusades unlock themselves based on the players' levels. After they are cleared, the difficulty level crusades will be automatically unlocked.

Click the Quick Join button to directly join an unlocked room. Quick Join can only allow you to join a crusade room that you have created.

Click the Create Team button to create the crusade room you select.

Click the Search Room button to search for the specific room. If the room you search for has been set locked, you must also enter the room password.

Directly click on the room information box and you can join other player’s room if you meet the requirement.

Players can receive various types of accessories and relevant enhancement materials through Ninja Crusade.

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Ninja Crusade Stage


Open the Ninja Crusade interface and the system will choose the hardest crusade available to the current character.

Players can learn more about the crusade by clicking on the up and down arrows on the crusade list.

After the crusade is selected, it will display the drop information about the crusade. To learn more, you can click the left and right arrows on the Crusade Drops page.


Crusade Room


A Crusade Room can hold up to 3 players. All players in the room can start the challenge after getting ready.

Click the Choose Crusade button in the room to open the crusade selection interface and select a crusade.

To change the crusade, you have to make sure that all players in the room meet the unlocking requirement. After that, all players but the host need to do the preparation again.

With the Invite button, you can invite other players' shadow clones or post the invitation information to invite other players to your room.

To invite the shadow clone on the interface, invite other players and wait for their approval. 

You have to wait for some time to invite a player’s shadow clone again. You can only invite a shadow clone of a player in the same room.

After the shadow clone is invited, the invited player’s shadow clone invitations are reduced by one

If a player is in the room, you cannot invite their shadow clone.If the shadow clone is in the room, it will disappear when its owner enters.

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