Battling Spiritual Beasts can increase relevant attributes of all ninjas.

Spiritual Beast’s Total Attributes =100% Main Spiritual Beast’s attributes + Support Beast’s attributes. Support Beast’s attributes=The total Support Beast’s Attributes* percent(1 Support Beast---20%, 2 Support Beasts ---25%, 3 Support Beasts---30%, 4 Support Beasts ---40%)

Spiritual Beast 1.jpg

Training Spiritual Beasts can upgrade their levels. When the Spiritual Beast reaches an evolution level, it can be evolved.

Spiritual Beasts can be evolved into different shapes based on different evolution rates.

Use different Pet Luck Talismans to boost the success rate of evolving a pet to a relevant quality.

Up to 3 kinds of Pet Luck Talismans can be used each time, with each kind having 99 Luck Talismans.

Successfully evolve a Spiritual Beast to receive evolution points. In the process of evolution, Luck Talismans will be consumed but evolution points will be added. Evolution points can be used to summon Spiritual Beasts with high qualities in the evolution shop.

Abandon a Spiritual Beast to receive part of evolution points. But the abandoned spiritual beast won’t be retrieved.

Evolution Scrolls with different qualities can be bought in the shop.

Summon Scrolls can be bought in the shop. Use a Summon Scroll to receive a pet, with the same quality as the scroll. Leap Rune Stones used for speeding up training also can be bought in the shop.

Spiritual Beast 2.jpg