Unlocks at Lv.90

The Occult Techniques are triggered by the main character. Only one Occult Technique can be equipped for one battle.

Each Occult Technique has 20 levels. Elemental Spirits can be used to activate or upgrade Occult Techniques.

Universe Spirits are available for the activation and upgrade of all the Occult Techniques.

Elemental Spirits can be received by gathering spirits.

Occult Technique Stack is different from other skills.

Occult Techniques 1.jpg


Click the Receive Materials button to go to the Boost panel.

Use Boost to receive different kinds of Elemental Spirits. The Elemental Spirits can be used for Occult Techniques Practice.

Training can level up elements. A Lv.1 Element nets 5 Elemental Spirit points. Each element level adds 5 Elemental Spirit points. The element can be upgraded to up to the level 10.

There are 3 reset attempts for free every day. Gold can be used to add more attempts. The more the Gold you use, the more attempts you will receive.

The higher level the Elemental Spirit has, the bigger chance the elemental spirit may blast. Its level will go back to Lv.1 after the blast.

Fine Training can be used to upgrade all current Elemental Spirits to Lv.10.

Epic Training can be used to turn all current Elemental Spirits into Lv.10 Universe Spirits.

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