Unlocks at Lv.32

Each ninja can upgrade its own Potency Level.

Players can use some materials to covert to Potency EXP, increasing ninja’s Potency Level, the cap of which cannot exceed the current ninja level.

Potency Level automatically adds physical attack power or strategy attack power based on the ninjas' main attributes.

Players can spend some Silver or Gold to transfer a ninja’s Potency EXP to another ninja. As the ninja’s Potency Level Cap cannot exceed the current ninja level, the EXP exceeding the ninja’s Potency Level will vanish.

Currently Konoha Conquest, Daily Task and Daily Check-In can net you items to convert to Potency EXP. 

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Reincarnation items can be bought in the shop.

The first reincarnation unlocks when your ninja's level reaches Lv.120 and Talent level reaches Lv.100.

The second reincarnation unlocks when your ninja's level reaches 1st RI. Lv.50 and Talent level reaches 1st RI. Lv.50.

Reincarnate other ninjas when you have reincarnated the main character. Reincarnation effect will not change with level.

After reincarnating ninjas above Lv.120, they will be upgraded to a certain level based on their EXP.

Reincarnation talents are the extra talents, which will not replace the original ones. All functions that are available before reincarnation will still be available after reincarnation.