Combat Mechanism

Turn-based combat

The attack order varies with each player’s speed.

Every player has his own turn. A round is finished when both teams complete all of their actions once.

If neither of the teams win after 20 rounds, the final result will be based on win rules.

Combat Mode

Take a row as an attack unit. For example, attack assaulter and then all ninjas in the assaulter position will be damaged.

Combat System.jpg


Vanguard: Allows for 1 ninja.

Assaulter: Allows for 3 ninjas.

Support: Allows for 3 ninjas.

Attribute Bonus


Vanguard: Attack Damage -40%, Power +60%, Avoid Injury Rate +20%, HP Recovery +40%

Assaulter: Attack Damage +15%

Support: Speed +15%



The number of combatants increases with the ninja level. Up to 5 ninjas can go to battle.