Jade Level



Inlay Jade 

Inlay jade into equipment to boost ninjas’attributes.

Jade 1.jpg

How to Obtain Jade

Shop purchase, chests, top-up gifts, boss drops.

Jade Attributes

Force Jade: Force+1.5%

AGI Jade: Agility+1.5%

Chakra Jade: Chakra+1.5%

Power Jade: Power+1.0%

Hit Jade: Hit Rate+1.5%

DOD Jade: Dodge Rate+1.0%

Crit. Jade: Crit. Rate+1.0%

Block Jade: Block Rate+1.0%

S Attack Jade: S Attack Rate+1.5%

Counter Jade: Counter Rate+1.5%

Fury Jade: Initial Fury+8.0%


Synthesize Jade

Boost jade attributes by synthesizing jade

Jade 2.jpg